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Trending Words COM Domains Pending Delete 13 Nov 2016

Still in development mode, so almost everything is free. All notes and suggestions are welcome


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3,984 Trending Keywords COM Domains Pending Delete 13 Nov 2016.

No numbers and hyphens in the list.

Domains contain some of the trending keywords like desk, plumber, group, home, wine.

Words are separated, so you can easy check their monthly searches in Google Planner.
Estibot valuation, current bids, Alexa rank, extensions taken, 


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a degree ofadvantage
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akosuas world
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all world manufacturers
all world restaurants
all worldsoftware
all world technology
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a luxury travel buy
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american home careers
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ammarconsulting group
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amo wall et
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ani studios
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anza music
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aq best
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aurian science council
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auu online
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