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Pending Delete Business Domains 7 Aug 2016

Still in development mode, so almost everything is free. All notes and suggestions are welcome


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A list with more than 1,200 COM domains with WHOIS information.

All domains are shorter than 20 symbols and have no hyphens and no numbers.

Domains contain business related words like buy, sell, loan, debt, trade, invest, shop, tax, pay, bank, money, deal, market, estate, business, finance, bitcoin, currency, brand, order, credit, broker, fund etc.

Five domains are first registered before 2000 year.

There are some domains with big monthly searches - between 10,000 and 214,000 - Google Keyword Planner report is included in archive.

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cmd pay
do tax m
eaz pay
jqr buy
kro buy
mo tax y
pay nag
qcn buy
sbb buy
sell pb
tax sio
wep pay
aw asset
bank pfs
boi coin
brand yk
buy bail
buy goto
buy ncar
bxb shop
car buy r
daxi pay
earn eat
eume tax
eva loan
favo buy
gkm shop
hgn shop
hhy shop
loan bro
ly buy un
m coin tr
megu buy
paiy pay
pay eerz
pay tuuk
pay zuka
piy pay l
s bank ed
sdi shop
sgg shop
shop cub
shop gos
shop mfg
shop oex
sm funds
svc fund
us bank m
vca coin
v fund nw
vui bank
wtb bank
xzh shop
y brand c
ybs bank
zee bank
zsc fund
aman deal
amaz shop
bank acar
boab deal
brand lnw
brand zzy
buk trade
buy atube
ccic shop
cheap peo
cost avin
credit qs
ctq trade
djcb coin
dollar hk
edh trade
enace tax
envia pay
forex gyo
g market l
hl trader
hpht shop
iduly buy
inv money
jt broker
jun coin g
kiro bank
kotd shop
kowa shop
l earn fma
l earn twi
l earn wit
luxe sell
mamai buy
maxa shop
money gas
mya buy eu
nank shop
nover tax
nvee bank
ov market
paly pay l
pay apall
pay ipael
pay ipaii
pay upink
poya pay u
prit deal
rbnl shop
refu fund
sell ytim
shop drum
shop gilt
shop joia
shop oven
shop wewe
ssbz fund
teck bank
trade mup
tryy shop
turd shop
u buy cars
udid sell
u shop can
vaani tax
va shop us
vv buy ing
xin funds
xp broker
z startup
abbie shop
anf invest
atrue shop
auto buy us
award coin
axa trades
bank imony
bank inbox
block debt
brand onmh
buy erwell
buy fairly
buy ugamew
cheap svip
da cost aex
dai shop ex
daozi bank
dart banks
deal mepro
deeka shop
diary bank
dryan shop
dwtm money
ecb market
ella brand
enq invest
epawn coin
eredy shop
finance jk
forex rule
french buy
gilas bank
gisul bank
grover tax
gtweb shop
guia shops
heti coins
hidemy tax
huixin pay
idesi shop
iduly bank
iduly coin
iduly shop
invest rgt
it buy well
jade funds
khoo trade
la cost evn
legeri tax
ltsrc shop
maine pay a
marok shop
marsec tax
memy money
mero money
miral earn
mmind shop
money gaps
money idol
money kard
money late
moroo shop
mrmeo shop
myads sell
mysms fund
ngng brand
niker deal
noon trade
order dabs
order dost
paiyi pay l
pay angzhe
pay asueat
piggyy pay
pinpai buy
pisca shop
plfk brand
primus pay
prymus pay
shop cobre
shop gabsy
shop otaku
solace tax
soleto buy
supri shop
theem shop
theore tax
tizen coin
tod shop pe
transfer w
tumei shop
uba invest
ubc estate
weili shop
xero deals
x sell mktg
zhuli shop
zjsg trade
zunyi shop
adam estate
ad cost rica
aet markets
airsoft buy
amass money
anakku shop
anna cost ia
annisa shop
aux deal ers
baohong buy
bhardoo tax
buy awriter
buy graphen
buy hopebar
buy instyle
buy offalon
buy pantsus
buy pctoday
buy sell adq
buy vindure
buy writers
byl tax shop
caferal pay
cana trades
cheap buy kz
chenpi shop
cl earn ergy
cloudin pay
coin osseur
coin terrra
dibiao shop
donosyn tax
dreamy sell
drivel earn
ea trade tec
eserve bank
fangxi shop
fas pay roll
findur loan
flygood buy
geneve shop
go fund raze
graphen buy
gringa shop
hb currency
huimai shop
i creditsas
id accounts
i deal hacks
i fund drive
inka fund as
intern bank
iserve bank
jayla shop e
jel earning
jinyin shop
jonhall tax
june market
kangel fund
kstyle shop
l earn hausa
l earn hmong
l earn itapp
l earn meapp
led buy leds
loan meacar
look deal cy
market boon
masti deals
mfo banking
money kards
myi shop app
mylive bank
my trade way
nbshoe shop
nerv invest
no brand web
nolo market
orbit deals
otc buyside
pawn shop dc
pay closeby
pnwpet shop
qwerty deal
readmy bank
relaxmy tax
rell sell er
roxann shop
samaya shop
sdf markets
sell kidlit
shop arooni
shop ingsho
shop pomost
shop primer
siam buy biz
smart buy lk
solid sells
take trader
teewee shop
thenext buy
thinkin buy
tlunion pay
tony sell er
trade goals
trade nkart
trade onint
tx pay phone
un broke nco
unitoll pay
usabig deal
ustime shop
vin paysdoc
winning buy
wry deal ong
wz transfer
xenfin fund
airsoft buys
amiani shops
artic brands
asiabc trade
asiaone coin
author brand
awmeasy loan
azary market
big bank auto
bit bank food
bit bank shop
brand mapusa
brand quincy
brick trades
broker cheap
buy ausedbus
buy bassmaxx
buy calibuds
buy cascadia
buy dslmodem
buy errepnne
buy itreadit
buy mactoday
buy pilipino
buy withazon
cardell shop
carolas shop
cars tax free
cash dealsli
cause deal er
cheap amsoil
cheap shop tm
chi currency
chinaec shop
daejo market
damain deals
deal ersgold
deinpro shop
diablo cheap
dispro cost a
dollar remit
doraemon buy
duatiga shop
ecolamp shop
elg mortgage
elhayek coin
ezelpet shop
faction shop
fairiya shop
flatfair tax
forgotto buy
frame shop mn
fund thisnow
geeker order
geta shop app
grant deal er
graphen sell
hafeisi shop
hard asset ag
hilow trader
i deal mining
img mortgage
integra shop
invest degoa
invest sgpro
jintong shop
johnws loan e
kathys deals
keener sells
khmerez shop
kubas market
lab market er
l earn equity
l earn ermart
l earn meapps
lemon estate
licash deals
lingyuan buy
linhdan shop
linken shops
loco estates
lst mortgage
maahi estate
malidcc shop
mhacker shop
money shorts
monster buy z
muller sells
mysmart debt
myw earn tear
neon shop inc
nex trade int
nofeeto sell
omstele shop
order juicer
osman market
pay asyoueat
pay ifyouwin
pay lessmart
pgbs finance
prop shop ncr
pure shop web
qiandai bank
quick loansg
redseks shop
rexcomo deal
sabunpe pay a
sacolai deal
sakura shops
sell ersonly
sell glitter
sell graphen
sell oakhill
sell osocial
sell reviews
sgtour deals
shandys shop
shop babybar
shop noseyes
shop receipt
show estates
simple shops
soni finance
spank brands
sublime bank
teacake shop
the loan cafe
thomase shop
thopp estate
tiangui shop
tonyngo shop
trade blokes
trade combat
unica market
usoccer shop
ut coin trade
vitabio shop
we cost arica
woo transfer
wycked deal z
yamra trades
yuetai trade
a buy cookware
aci pay amolay
activefly buy
agueda market
aion buy kinah
alibaba banks
atruebiz loan
ax finance iro
baoguosi coin
barterweb pay
b buyshoesmen
biaozhun bank
biddlese shop
bigdaddy buys
bingqing shop
brand arizona
brand focusgr
brand georgia
brand uagency
brand y brands
broke notpoor
brunoto sell i
buy essaysweb
buy ingcyprus
buy instaeyes
buy maximizer
buy plushpals
car loan dekho
car trade info
casper trader
casskate shop
cause deal ers
cheap beautyy
cheap omahadj
cheap wptheme
chinabc trade
chuottui shop
city trade log
coachtop shop
coachvip shop
come buy again
cost aantigua
cost africana
credit oscope
darethe brand
dcgraphx shop
deal ersfolio
deal onrealty
doogee market
dtoe shopping
earn freebags
earn withryan
edible sell er
efx cost arica
ekb financial
e money genius
enx marketing
eurocasa shop
ezswing trade
ezy invest ing
fixmy credit o
fltech market
fool invest or
ford deal ernj
forex tourism
forex warning
fraggin deals
fr buy watches
freshro sell e
fund amentsam
fund esignfwi
funology shop
future asset z
galib traders
globix invest
go forex trade
golfhil brand
gsa marketing
gypsy trade co
holyhot deals
i business tip
i buy bargains
icerik market
i deal anatomy
i dealspinedc
ig accounting
infodata bank
interna trade
invest ingyet
ipd marketing
it buy watches
itwatche shop
japanbc trade
kjy brokerage
kjy financial
l earn revenue
l earn yourjob
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lrmcgift shop
lva invest ing
madrona funds
may bank today
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mimaki deal er
money floater
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money oncloud
money re funds
mortgage hood
myad pay daily
my bank finder
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my salary hero
nemetos order
nicework shop
nzrb shopping
order goodies
oriwe buy elik
oz buy uktrans
pay nrecharge
pay theladies
pay withpeers
pbcoffee shop
pco marketing
polepole shop
raybanru shop
re finance xjt
reform broker
rei money foru
saharaql earn
salone trader
salvaged coin
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savant deal er
s cost ashirts
season trades
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shandy shop pe
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shop market er
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ssan shopping
start coin now
startup hubmx
startup hubsa
startup merch
stickit deals
stockl earn er
te sell ations
the brand base
thehope funds
thein debt ors
theohana shop
trade andlaws
trade markfox
trade weeklys
transfer isse
trophy broker
trucchi forex
ultima invest
up market shop
vacuums cheap
wa tax options
westcoast buy
wishto buy app
workout cheap
youragri shop
zona branding
aaronsk buy ers
a credit cardgo
a credit cardok
a credit cardup
afaf marketing
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amz money maker
app market mall
aria traderoad
armico traders
artnest market
ascot shopping
asia market ers
baddesign shop
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battlerap shop
beverlys tax es
bignote buy ers
bit bank design
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bluelight fund
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bzzz marketing
cartest trader
cashonly deal z
centrode deals
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cheap jewllery
chiswick forex
cleveland fund
cmgreal estate
coombs estates
copsupply shop
credit grafics
crefixed asset
debt treatment
digitalki deal
discountn deal
easy paysource
eccentric shop
elgendy estate
fairwey market
finance s money
finance timely
flametree fund
forex one trade
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forreal estate
free debt today
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funand finance
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fuzreal estate
gamefly deal io
go cheap prices
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gosmart deal er
happy buystore
happydiet shop
hershey market
highlow trader
ican buy orrent
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itsmy money now
jess financial
jukebox market
kamaalke deals
kandaswim shop
kayleehot buys
kb tax services
k earn ycapital
keyholder shop
kingslee banks
kreation brand
kumu marketing
ladiesbag shop
lambiri market
la shop atelier
l earn codemeup
l earn withmatt
lebe financial
ledturk market
letsjust trade
livl earn slife
makehappy fund
market hunting
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massive fund er
m coin istanbul
menu invest ing
money hardcore
money withtext
muni financing
mvpfor startup
myskidis deals
mysmart deal er
mystock trader
nowra shopping
old tax levypro
onthefly trade
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order ofthehop
oztimes invest
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pbtbougi brand
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planet pay ramp
port deposit md
powerand pay ne
pulidosa cost a
queencreek tax
quick creditsg
rapbattle shop
reflector shop
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rlgs marketing
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salvaged coins
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deathby startup
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dssr investment
edwins business
e market channel
e marketingwise
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face value bykid
fairshare trade
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finance liberty
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fuz investments
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g business files
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gor investments
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har investments
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kalia cost arica
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ke marketingnow
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kpcomputer shop
la credit checks
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legend market er
leoyoung market
lifecap funding
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lombok business
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mapsmakes money
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martin shopping
mastery finance
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ovil financials
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pgbs accounting
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phi loan dsophia
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ppvad market ers
puget financial
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re sell erplanss
roadtest trader
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sf credit checks
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