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Pending Delete Business Domains 6 Sep 2016

Still in development mode, so almost everything is free. All notes and suggestions are welcome

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A list of 425 COM domains.

All domains are shorter than 20 symbols and have no hyphens and no numbers.

Domains contain business related words like buy, sell, loan, debt, trade, invest, shop, tax, pay, bank, money, deal, market, estate, business, finance, bitcoin, currency, brand, order, credit, broker, fund etc.

Estibot, current bids, Alexa rank, extensions taken, backlinks, WHOIS and other info is included.


Keyword	Avg. Monthly Searches (exact match only)
deal rxtreme	301000
marty money	33100
pay rang	9900
doors deals	2400
forex dolar	1300
funny shops	1300
haiwai shop	720
buy owls	480
dolar forex	480
sell bmw	390
finance ya	320
buy bactrim	210
ship brand	170
cds trades	140
lager shop	140
idibi bank	140
buy dao	140
rooms cost	110
dudes shop	110
aries brand	110
wis buy	110
sugar value	110
case deal	90
ak bank jazz	90
case deals	90
toons shop	70
toro forex	70
aneris bank	70
boc credit	70
llc funds	70
mydear shop	70
acmoore shop	70
asic brokers	70
babby shop	50
ucs credit	50
hash buy	50
cci credit	40
coin dream	40
atl traders	40
wand brand	30
cravat shop	30
hira deals	30
ayuk deal	30
hem brand	30
ism trade	30
nz sell	20
saxar shop	20
ciseaux shop	20
cheap miumiu	20
clr shop	20
armazen shop	20
shop bakken	20
csun shop	20
ppls bank	20
gucci sell	20
debt audit	20
ameba shop	20
sur forex	20
money que	20
pay fruit	10
bebop buy	10
hatman shop	10
cumi shop	10
troops shop	10
agen shop	10
dannis shop	10
buy dating	10
deal my deal	10
enr invest	10
lump shop	10
arn tax	
buy dhj	
buy hpa	
coin gh	
fsd pay	
fund pm	
k pay it	
pao buy	
pay pug	
pay puz	
qif buy	
rcm pay	
tax nsn	
u pay og	
wnf pay	
acro buy	
afsc tax	
armi buy	
bank aqu	
buy itoo	
buy rbay	
ccw pay i	
cheap kw	
dao sell	
dcdv buy	
ges pay e	
i buy job	
ifta pay	
lat bank	
leb fund	
loan emc	
loan enc	
nav buys	
ogc pays	
pay mada	
qu bank e	
sell hpa	
sell phi	
sell uka	
shop eya	
shop lge	
tax afsc	
tax prax	
tuo bank	
tuyu pay	
value cx	
value ui	
vls shop	
yix shop	
zapn buy	
zda shop	
zeal buy	
zfq fund	
zsh bank	
aeri shop	
brand lax	
bup deals	
buy iyuan	
buy uandi	
ccr shops	
cirq fund	
cnms fund	
coin grub	
coin herd	
coin kita	
cost cape	
c traderc	
da coin cs	
deal zegg	
dh sell er	
e brand co	
hay coins	
hcbv shop	
heze loan	
il earn si	
im pay eur	
in value r	
ivo deals	
krazy tax	
lv buy ers	
movs tax r	
nami loan	
ooec shop	
pay palit	
pay puiii	
pay throw	
pii funds	
quig sell	
qwiq shop	
ra deal er	
reza pay a	
sell know	
shop boii	
shop hkjc	
shop loka	
soc order	
spicy buy	
tax comet	
txhl bank	
wan buy er	
weidi pay	
worm deal	
wowz shop	
ya salary	
yj pay ndt	
accu shop e	
aibai shop	
aliex pays	
aliex shop	
anglo sell	
apna forex	
ard trader	
atrx trade	
bhl brands	
bitcoin zo	
boma trade	
botan shop	
brand doen	
buy erchat	
buy inmall	
cl estates	
coin deweb	
coin ybits	
con pay pal	
credit prc	
csxf trade	
deal diosa	
deal prada	
dough deal	
earn lingo	
ef earn est	
faqson tax	
finren pay	
f order mar	
fun deal io	
gazab deal	
gear loans	
get pay aby	
ginza bank	
glbt loans	
haoyu bank	
hayek bank	
hel pay pal	
hill shops	
hiro trade	
hogea shop	
ibeat debt	
i deal clix	
iii credit	
i loan zone	
imaga earn	
jiajia buy	
kangoo pay	
kh finance	
lav estate	
layand pay	
lehui shop	
loan palal	
loan tinaz	
market orb	
mbp market	
mms trader	
mo shop per	
my dealsbg	
nam invest	
nu order up	
ogc orders	
osco trade	
party sell	
pay fruits	
pe deal loa	
pinju shop	
profi sell	
puman shop	
runs brand	
salvus pay	
seger loan	
shop alfex	
shop dosat	
shop lgweb	
shop lolab	
shop nevys	
shop pefly	
shugo shop	
sight bank	
stikr shop	
stopi shop	
te forex ph	
tf deal ers	
value cape	
vgi invest	
watt sell z	
yang brand	
abang shops	
ad money box	
agreat sell	
alucky deal	
april trade	
artpro shop	
art shop one	
at cost hajj	
atg buy back	
aveof value	
bank isopen	
bank un bank	
biffy coins	
bills pay ee	
bio brand ed	
brand idseo	
buy lafemme	
buy prbonds	
buy quixils	
buy txhouse	
capabla tax	
captol earn	
car loansca	
cheap ermbt	
cheap ervan	
cirq invest	
clip sell er	
danfeng buy	
deal inlink	
debt helpmi	
dfw pay comm	
do money ltd	
ebi brokers	
ed sellsfla	
e shop camer	
even broker	
faith pay ne	
fb invest or	
forex jesus	
forex xking	
fund atters	
fund ernaut	
ganji money	
gazab deals	
gbg finance	
green pay er	
hajjat cost	
haraz trade	
hotpin buys	
hrctv deals	
iuni credit	
ivan trader	
jdweb deals	
jugo deal oe	
kgal assets	
kulang shop	
lifeto sell	
ligula bank	
linkre shop	
lite coin er	
love coin ed	
loves deals	
malim forex	
mascoti tax	
mendmy loan	
mikel sells	
mindn money	
money headz	
money killa	
mortgage mx	
mrfree coin	
my money gym	
orans trade	
order randf	
order tdocs	
paas broker	
pay takhttv	
piggy bank o	
poor bank er	
pragma shop	
pru tax plan	
pzbody shop	
qilu credit	
quinto fund	
ruiz deal ba	
sba loanstx	
shop brella	
shop emason	
shop gotdot	
shop ingmoa	
shop ypadel	
soulto sell	
spicy fund a	
sukhi deals	
taehyun tax	
teamgo shop	
teammy shop	
teamsg shop	
tokay trade	
twal bank le	
tyra bank er	
vari credit	
vary credit	
vetti pay al	
wisdom sell	
witty value	
yedkin bank	
yshie deals	
zero cost rx	
abg mortgage	
account chex	
ads money box	
aga bank uuhe	
airtools buy	
algeric fund	
amv trade llc	
arsalan shop	
art money usa	
aru shopping	
bank tecjobs	
becks broker

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