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Mag, Forum com Domains Pending Delete 6 Sep 2016

Still in development mode, so almost everything is free. All notes and suggestions are welcome


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Magazine, Blog and Forum Related COM Domains Pending Delete 6  Sep 2016.

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Words are separated, so you can check them in Google Keyword planner.

Keyword	Avg. Monthly Searches (exact match only)
v***e mag	 49500
n******* magazines	1000
blog fish	880
fodmap blog	320
dockside magazine	110
evento magazine	110
petro magazine	110
collaboration magazine	90
teletubbies magazine	90
totp magazine	70
bambam magazine	70
blog konusu	70
lindalkeji blog	70
neopets magazine	70
bind magazine	50
politcal forum	50
autosource magazine	40
valor forum	30
perfection blog	20
luma blog	20
shareable magazine	20
tweenies magazine	20
topofthepops mag	20
le blog placement	10
ginny blogs	10
blog cincinnati	10
ctet forum	10
orviax blog	10
slashdot blog	10
loredana blog	10
kry blog	10
kq mag	
blk mag	
blog lq	
gnh mag	
pmp mag	
enig mag	
fwy blog	
tall mag	
vcv blog	
blog omed	
edu blogr	
tilde mag	
eboys blog

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