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I do not record your searches.
1. I have databases with millions of available domains, including dictionary words, LLLLL etc.
2. I am lazy...
3. There will be lots of random-string useless domains.
4. It will slow down the search process.
5. All good .com domains are already registered, beleave me.

Here you can find a good two-word available domain name for your project.
When you click on domain in results, it will appear in the search box,
so you can search related names to that domain.

You may record domains you like

If you like a domain, use the button "Add to favs"
The domain will be recorded in database together with your IP - skipped login/register part.
Later, you may visit My Fav Domains page and review all recorded domains.
Additional info will be added to the newest recorded domains within 24 hours, like Alexa rank, previous owners, Wayback age, related sales, Estibot (coming soon feature.)
Again: I am not interested in registering your fav domains, I will add my favs to Admin's Favourites page that is visible for everyone.

Note: Your favourited domains are linked to your IP and are visible only from that IP.

If you have any questions, features ideas, offers, requests, feel free to contact me.

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